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2023-09-24 Hot Tea

Hot Tea: Leather Edition w/ Cindel + Aaron Aanenson

2023-06-03 Ascend

Ascend: Pre-Pride SF w/ Confetti Canon, Paulo Fragoso & Jack Chang

2023-03-25 Spring HEAT

HEAT X Ascend: Spring HEAT w/Arno Diem + Aaron Annenson

2023-01-21 Surge

WPPS, Ascend & Hot Tea presents: SURGE w/GSP & Rick Braile

2022-09-25 Hot Tea: Leather Edition

Hot Tea: Leather Edition w/Dan Slater, Jack Chang, Arno Diem & Orel Sabag

2022-06-26 Ascend

Ascend: Down the Rabbit Hole w/Isaac Escalante + Arno Diem

2022-04-16 Ascend

Ascend: Resurrection w/Joe Pacheco + Aaron Aanenson

2022-01-29 Ascend

Ascend: A New Beginning w/Marvin Ayy & Arno Diem

2021-09-26 Hot Tea

Hot Tea Leather Edition w/Eddie Martinez + Orel Sabag

2021-06-27 Ascend

Ascend: Out of the Darkness w/DJ Isaac Escalante

2021-02-27 Ascend Online

Ascend Online: Luck of the Draw! w/DJ Shawn Perry, Phil Romano & Pumpkin Spice

2021-01-30 ShangriLa SF 14th Anniversary

ShangriLa SF 14th Anniversary Online Viewing Party with DJ Bugie & Brian Cua

2021-01-16 Ascend Online

Ascend Online: Now Boarding w/DJ Matthew S, Dan De Leon & Robbie Nielsen

2020-12-12 Ascend Online

Ascend Online - Snowed In! w/DJ Aki, Joe Pacheco & J Warren

2020-11-14 Ascend Online

Ascend Online - Call to Arms w/Andrew Gibbons, Phil Romano & Mike Soriano

2020-10-24 Ascend Online

Ascend Online - The Mummy's Curse w/DJ Matthew S, Jack Chang & Pumpkin Spice

2020-09-19 Ascend Online

Ascend Online - Anniversary Party w/DJ Bugie, Toy Armada & Alex Cabot

2020-08-22 Ascend Online

Ascend Online - Stop Light Party w/Aaron Aanenson & Andrew Gibbons

2020-08-08 Ascend Online

Ascend Online - Masquerade Party w/Alain Jackinsky & Aki

2020-07-25 Ascend Online

Ascend Online - Brazilian Pool Party w/Erik Vilar & Rick Braile

2020-07-11 Ascend Online

Ascend Online - NEON Party w/ Millennial - Joe Pacheco + J Warren

2020-07-04 Ascend Online

Ascend Online Independence Day w/ Joshua D, Twisted Dee, Marco Da Silva & Jack Chang

2020-05-24 EXT After Hours

EXT After-Hours w/ Mike Soriano

2020-02-29 PheoniX

PhoeniX w/ Aaron Aanenson & Bugie

2019-09-01 Ascend

Ascend w/ Alain Jackinsky

2019-08-31 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Hugo Warllen, Pumpkin Spice & Aki

2019-07-27 EXT After-Hours

EXT After-Hours w/ Joshua D

2019-05-23 PhoeniX EXT

PhoeniX EXT w/ Joshua D

2019-03-30 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Rick Braile, Bugie & Aki

2018-06-30 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Martin Fry & Mohammad

2018-03-31 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Erik Vilar, Andrew Gibbons & Aki

2017-09-30 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Billy Lace, Shawn P & Erik Withakay

2017-07-29 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Oscar Velazquez & Joshua D

2017-04-29 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Twisted Dee, Josh Whitaker & Mohammad

2016-07-30 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Seth Breezy, Erez Ben Ishay, Martin Fry & Joshua D

2016-04-30 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Guy Scheiman, Paul De Leon, Asheton Lemay & Russ Rich

2016-01-30 UN!TE

UN!TE w/ O'Halley Brothers, Andrew Gibbons & Erik Withakay

2015-08-29 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Marco Da Silva, Josh Whitaker, Deanne & Bugie

2015-05-30 PhoeniX

PhoeniX w/ Jack Chang, Drew G, Andrew Gibbons & Steve Sherwood

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